Recommended daily reading – 27 December (Christmas clearance edition)

A few items from before and after the holiday:

Via freepress on Twitter is a link to this Visual Guide to the Open Internet. Helps to clarify the issues at stake in the net neutrality conversation.

On the same topic, via David Brothers and Ragnell on Twitter, is a link to this piece on copyright and piracy and the Atomic Robo blog by Brian Clevinger. Clevinger makes an argument about the importance of goodwill between creators and fans/users, and theĀ  desire to both access content and support those who make it.

Finally, is this post at Panels on Pages asking after the best comics to be turned into TV shows after the success of The Walking Dead. I would like to see more comics to television projects, TV and comic books have more in common as storytelling media than do comics and film in many ways, and I have often thought that B.P.R.D. would be a great foundation for a television series. So, I second that suggestion.