Recommended daily reading – 2 November (distracting you from this f@$%ing election edition)

Crazy last week, but here are a few choice items:

Better before Halloween, but here is Kate Beaton’s series of Dracula strips. I especially like, “The Horror of The New Woman”.

Sticking with comics, at NPR’s Monkey See, Glen Weldon looks at the curious tendency for mainstream media to report on certain ‘big changes’ in comics characters, the latest being ‘hipster Superman’ from Earth One, even where there is little evidence that regular viewers or readers even care. Most importantly, he notes that most of these reports are devoid of context, and any understanding of what it means that Superman is in a hoodie (which is to suggest, not much).

Finally, Bill McKibben has an interesting and wide-ranging look at public radio at The New York Review of Books.