Winter break is coming. Will I ever blog again?

I have this blog set as my homepage in Camino and looking at it has become sad and a little stressful, thought not to the same degree as looking at my prior blogs was to me when I would hit an unproductive moment. But the fact is I haven’t posted anything of substance since August, and, since September, I have even neglected to post links to my work elsewhere.

For what it’s worth my LibraryThing catalog is in even sorrier shape. I have months of comics to catalog, so many, in fact, that I am thinking of writing the rest of this year off, except for trades, and starting new in 2012. Fortunately, I had already decided to skip the usual “year end” ritual in my column for PopMatters, making the lack of a good record of what I read less important than it already is.

There’s no mystery to why I have not been writing here: over the summer we sold our house in Monmouth and moved to Corvallis, which was, and in some ways still is, a time-consuming and exhausting process. Many things got put aside and before I knew it, it was time to report back to campus.

I’m not going to call it a “new year’s resolution” because I want to jump start my writing here before the end of December, but with the Winter Break coming, I am hoping to get back in the habit of blogging. It might be foolish to think that around Christmas is when I will find time to write here again, but I think that getting through Fall is what I need to do more than anything to get restarted.

In the meantime, I have a few upcoming pieces in PopMatters and one place to start will be posting those pointers again. Also, feel free to checkout my Pinterest page which I created during my hiatus, and the projects I have backed at Kickstarter.