New “Worlds in Panels”: continuing the best of 2010

On Friday at PopMatters, my January “Worlds in Panels” posted. I continue my look at the best comics of 2010 from the vantage point of the column, focusing on ongoing series and one-shots that exemplify transmedia storytelling and that highlight issues related to format and publishing.

More particularly, the series, and single issues, I point to here are those that I found to be the best for starting a conversation about these questions: What are comics for? What do readers want and expect from the comics they read? How do publishers and creators address those wants and expectations? How are those wants and expectations met in different ways by comics in relation to other media?

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I have a more conventional look at what I think are the best comics from last year on this blog.

2010 contributions to PopMatters

PopMatters is on its annual publishing break, so here is a compilation of my contributions from the year:

DVD reviews:

Metropia (2009), 17 November,

Rem Koolhaas: A Kind of Architect (2007), 22 September,

A Town Called Panic (2009), 19 July,

Uncertainty (2009), 1 June,

Arizona Dream (1993), 30 April,

Blood Ties: The Complete Series (2007), 23 April,

Examined Life (2008), 26 February,

Sita Sings the Blues (2009), 11 January,

“Worlds in Panels”:

“A case for comics in College”, 3 February,

“Creator: various”, 10 March,

“Egads! Comics! In the library!”, 7 April 2010,

“Comics: it’s such a big small world”, 6 May 2010,

“Freeze frame: how best to capture film in a comic book?”, 8 June,

“Almost lifelike: drawing out reality in comics art”, 26 July,

“The danger of ‘Girl Comics'”, 16 August,

“‘Scott Pilgrim’ and what movies means to comics”, 30 August,

“Strange tales and mainstreams: when all superheroes are uncanny”, 5 October 2010,

“From pin-ups to ass-kickers: girls in comics go through transitions”, 16 November,

“The year in review: the best comics of 2010”, 14 December,