My review of the New Video DVD for the 2007 documentary, Rem Koolhaas: A Kind of Architect is up at PopMatters today:

The opening argument in the film is that the “Rem Koolhaas” the viewer knows, the singular genius of media accounts, especially in America, is a convenient signifier that masks another “Rem Koolhaas”, one who is not singular, but plural, a walking composition of influences, ideas, theories and collaborations.

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Recommended daily reading – 21 September

Nothing from yesterday, but here are some items from today:

On Reassigned Time 2.0, Dr. Crazy makes the case for college and university faculty to use their power over curriculum and assessment in productive ways, and to not cede that control to others simply because the work can be sticky and boring. I left a comment, but I’ll add here that what I wrote on Dr. Crazy’s blog is from recent experience as Faculty Senate President and as the chair of a committee charged with assessing general education at WOU. Short version: I basically agree with Crazy, but am not convinced that faculty can or should control assessment to the same degree as curriculum (though the two are not easy to tease apart, which is why, I think, she approaches them together).

On BLDGBLOG, Geoff Manaugh speculates on the architectural possibilities of the recent, and widely publicized, nine-day traffic jam in China.

Last, on Top Shelf 2.0 you can try to puzzle out Tymothi Godek’s “!”.