Tension in the classroom

This week in learning assessments, there seem to be some odd tensions roiling under the surface of one of my classes, with students expressing frustration with:

  • Students who don’t show up to class.
  • Students who don’t contribute to class.
  • Students who contribute too much in class.
  • Students who show up not having done the reading.

In the case of the third point, at least one student noted my efforts to elicit participation from others as something they found helpful.

In the past, I have opened discussion of these kinds of issues on the class blog, but I think that the second week is too early for that. For now, I’ll wait-and-see how the culture of the class develops. These frustrations do suggest that I have a number students who feel invested in the course, and that is a good thing, but these kinds of expressions also seem to represent feelings that could turn toxic if not managed well.