Blu-ray review: LA JETEE/SANS SOLEIL

My review of the Criterion Blu-ray edition of La Jetee/Sans Soleil is up at PopMatters. In addition to addressing the films and the disc, I also offer pointers to further reading and criticism on Chris Marker.

A case can be made for going into La Jetée and, especially, Sans Soleil, “cold”; that is with almost no idea of what one is about to watch. Of course, if you have been reading this, that option is foreclosed. In either case, these are films designed to provoke the viewer into thinking about their subjects and themes and to asking questions about what they have watched—What do the images, and their juxtaposition, mean? Who are we listening to when we listen to the narrators?—and here is where many viewers will want to engage in debate and conversation and to seek more explication than a conventional review can provide.

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