New “Worlds in Panels” and other column updates

I have a new comics column up at PopMatters today. I look at the local comics shop and why I think these are vital places:

With more publishers offering same day as print for digital, the availability aspect of the Wednesday-at-a-comics-shop experience can be simulated electronically, certainly with more verisimilitude than with traditional mail order. But what tablets, phones and computers don’t replicate as well is the (palpable) collective and social aspect of the traditional brick-and-mortar visit. I don’t want to overstate the depth of the connections I’ve made with the clerks or other customers at my local store, but I have had a couple of interesting conversations with the owner, alerted others to certain titles, learned about new books myself, and I also like to see what others are buying.

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This piece continues what has been a recurring theme for me in the new year: digital comics. My January column is focused on reading, while in February I considered sharing.