December “Worlds in Panels”: a look back at 2010

Today on PopMatters is the first of my two-part look at the ‘best’ comics of 2010. I put best in quotes because, even though that is how the column is titled, it would be more accurate to say that my selections are primarily about my thematic interests in comics, and what I write for PopMatters, and only secondarily about what I found to be simply ‘good’ this year.

In one way or another, what my selections here have in common is what they can tell you about how stories are told in comics, and how the medium benefits from being a subcultural or marginal form of narrative art. Whereas a book like Dr. Horrible is interesting for how comics can be used to expand on a storyworld originally built for another medium, and a book like DMZ: Hearts and Minds highlights the kinds of stories that are told in comics not so much for any inherent quality, but as a result of where the form fits into the larger culture, The Singles Club, at least for a couple of pages, highlights the artistic possibilities that set comics apart from other media.

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