Recommended daily reading – 9 October (heavy on comics edition)

Some items from the last few days:

First, a couple of past due pointers. On Motley Fool an article about Warren Buffett advocating for higher taxes on the super-wealthy, like himself. That’s not so surprising, but the civilized debate in comments is (at least when I last checked). And then on The American Prospect a report about for-profit colleges and their success in lobbying progressive Democrats to forestall student loan reform.

Now, comics.

  • A wicked fun and intriguing reveal in last Friday’s FreakAngels.
  • A vintage, early 80s, panel of Storm on ComicPunx (and, yeah, the site likes to point out the absurdity of a lot of these images, but as A said when I showed her this, “That’s Storm? Why can’t she always look like that?” And it should be noted that Marvel allowed this transformation at a time when it was still culturally relevant – not saying it was edgy, only that punk was hardly passe or mainstream at the time).
  • And a tired or sad-looking rabbit-y thing from Renee French.

Lastly, not a comic, but comics related. OPB’s Oregon Art Beat has a feature on Periscope Studio. I interviewed a number of Periscope members for my documentary, and I think this segment does a good job of conveying the current state of comics art for a broad audience. It takes the studio and the professionals who work there seriously, in the best sense of that word; the piece itself is pretty lighthearted.

Watch here, or from the Periscope blog.