Recommended daily reading – 6 October (early morning edition)

A couple of items from the last couple of days:

Dr. Crazy has started a conversation about tenure on Reassigned Time 2.0. I think the point I would draw from her post is that it’s silly at best and disingenuous at worst to hide anti-tenure agendas behind a screen of ‘saving’ higher education, particularly from problems related to cost and finances. Tenure manifestly does not guarantee faculty from having their departments or programs cut, or duties reassigned. Whatever minimal restraint tenure places on boards and administrators works for institutions as much as against them, particularly when it comes to preserving their academic missions. And, as the opening comment from nicoleandmaggie suggests, in many cases tenure likely saves colleges and universities money by offering a certain measure of freedom and security in exchange for lower pay than could be had in other professions with similar educational requirements.

And then there is this delightful weirdness from renee french.