Recommended daily reading – 15 September

A few short items today:

First, the match report on the Gunners 6-0 thrashing of Sporting Braga in the Champions League today.

Next, a nice feature on Metric by Jer Fairall in PopMatters. An excerpt from the conversation with Emily Haines:

“[New Wave] was just where we were at. That’s what we heard, that’s what we wanted: my synth dreams that will one day come true of truly expressing my inner synth geek one day will happen. It’s not like you make a strategic move, it’s like you do what you wanna do and what feels right to you. I love the garage rock stuff but I wasn’t gonna suddenly just drop what Jimmy and I have been developing, which is this total love of electro and dance music and trying to bring those New Wave sounds and the songwriting and the energy of rock and roll all together. Dance rock is not a new idea now, but it’s hard to try and express that in front of 20 people, it feels kinda stupid, but that’s part of the test. You just keep doing it. I’m glad we didn’t give up. It was hard to make a synth look rock and roll for a minute, but it worked out.”

The article provides a condensed history of the band, with a particular look at Metric’s place in the world of digital music and their recent Hollywood entanglements.

Finally, this from Inhabitat is just cool.

Attending to deadlines

Opening a new space for writing always comes with the desire to populate it with content, and I’ve made a point of being prolific here early on, but I have two PopMatters assignments that I need to get done this week and that will likely moderate my contributions to A Weird Fish.

For the record, I need to write a review for the DVD of Rem Koolhaas: A Kind Of Architect (2007), and I have a “Worlds in Panels” column due at the end of the month. Faculty report back to campus next week at Western, and then classes start, so I decided to use my time this week in the way I wish my students would: by thinking ahead and planning accordingly. Not really sure what I’m going to do with my column this month, but it may involve Matt Kindt‘s Black Widow story in Strange Tales.