New blog, new home

Welcome, readers. This is my inaugural entry on A Weird Fish (see the About page for an explanation of the title).

My previous blogs have been hosted on TypePad, a service I still use for my classes at Western Oregon and other professional pursuits (see below). After a year off from blogging, I decided to start again on WordPress, largely because I want to keep my own blogging separate from what I do with my classes. I also have reason related to design options, but those were secondary considerations.

A major reason I stopped blogging is that Anne-Marie, my wife, and I became parents to an eleven, now twelve, year old daughter. I needed to cut something from my queue, and blogging was the obvious thing to go. I have been feeling lately that I wanted to get this writing space back, in no small measure because I am reaching a point in a major project where I think there is value in sharing with others.

I also like the community aspect of blogging, especially they way it allows me to find and connect with colleagues at other colleges and universities. My university is relatively small and focused on undergraduate education, and, as a result, I have found blogs and other social media to be useful in expanding the circle of people from whom I can learn and with whom I can share professional experiences and development.

Not much of a mission here, I know, but there it is nonetheless.